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Michelle Smith Charities We Care About Our Community

Michelle Smith Charities sponsors a variety of programs and events which are held throughout the year to raise money and awareness concerning the needs of the students, parents, and the neighborhood as a whole. We welcome you to join us in our movement to give back and make a much needed positive impact on our children and community. Join us as we embark on the journey for a brighter future, our children.

School Initiative

Michelle Smith Charities is dedicated to supplying books, bags, school supplies, and other charitable, monetary gifts such as bus rides. These donations are given to the families within our communities where it is needed the most. We aim to take back our school and transform education from within through various forms.

One of the primary forms of charitable work is through mentoring. Through group and 1-1 mentorship programs, children are able to glean and aspire for higher. Activities include lunch sessions, donating time, and being a bridge between students and parents.

Parenting Initiative

As a part of our Parenting Initiative, Michelle Smith Charities sponsors a Parenting Academy to give parents the opportunity to experience measurable transformation on every level. The mission of our parent outreach is to walk with our parents every step of the way as they seek career, social and professional success. Just as we serve our children and continue to leave an indelible impact on their lives, we realized the current need to meet some of the challenges that parents of children from our community experience.

Our Parenting Academy features a series of personal development workshops with a primary focus in GED completion, career readiness, interviewing, resume building, and being prepared for success. While our school initiative focuses on helping children achieve academically, our parenting initiative helps parents who like their children, also have a desire to excel. Strategically designed with insightful, relevant, and applicable information, our programs for parents provide groundbreaking tools to help those in our local community in need of a helping hand, journey into today’s mainstream, find and master their workforce strengths, and achieve unrealized goals.

Senior Housing

Our community initiative seeks to serve the growing number of issues that are pervasive within our community by connecting stakeholders within the community to nearby seniors. This gives stakeholders and other community members the opportunity to connect and directly get involved within their living spaces and make a difference.

In addition to regular volunteer sessions at homeless shelters, Michelle Smith Charities seeks to aid the elderly by donating various articles of clothing. This includes a glove and hat giveaway during the winter months.

The Excellent Woman

The Excellent Woman event is a woman-based initiative solely created out of passion, love, and the profound desire. The mission is to see women develop, grow, and prosper in their being. It is steeped in the belief that every woman deserves to be healthy in heart, mind, body, and soul. Our charity partners with women who have found themselves in a position of hard times, experiencing the various expected and unexpected vicissitudes of life. This event gives women the chance to break away from their daily overwhelming day to day schedule and provides a space to come together as a group of strong minded women who can travel, engage in conferences, retreats, and often participate in social book clubs as a means of developing their minds, bodies, and souls.

Annual Tea Party Charity Event

Every year promises to be more impactful than the last, and it always is. Beautiful ladies from both near and far adorned with cheerful hearts and their best hats and fascinators, participate in this annual tea party event, not just for the refreshing teas, delectable appetizers, and flavorsome desserts, but because the proceeds solely benefit deserving families in need of school supplies for their bright and worthy children. Giving back to the community, meeting the needs of those without, and bridging the gaps for deserving kids is a fight Michelle Smith Charities cannot fight alone. We are always welcomed and excited to gather with like-minded hearts who are both fearless and bold enough to fight for worthy and right causes.

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